Track of the Day: Holy Water – As Sirens Fall

As Sirens Fall are one of those bands that produce memorable and poignant songs that stay with you. They first caught my attention last year when they released the awesome “She Runs With The Wolves”. Last month they released “Holy Water”, it’s an epic offering, which has been slowly growing on me in the past few weeks and is now one of my fave releases of the year.

On the song:
‘I lost my fiancée to suicide. Since then I have tried every unhealthy avenue imaginable to avoid the reality of that. I pursued every sensation that might do anything to dull the fact that she was gone. I hid from the truth in all sorts of dark, nasty places.There aren’t many songs out there bold enough to face this stuff – but this is that song and it is far and away the most honest I have ever been lyrically. One day I sat down at a piano and this just fell out of me. It’s so different. I am equally enamoured with and petrified of it. It’s just the right amount of dangerous, and that’s right where we wanna be.’ – Mikey Lord (vocals)
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Photo Credit: Rock Seen


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