Track of the Day – THE GONERS – World of Decay



Ok, something maybe a little bit different from me. As in, it isn’t punk, it isn’t post-punk and it isn’t alt-rock. The Goners are a hard rock band from Eskilstuna in Sweden and ‘World of Decay’ is their debut single. The lead single no less from their forthcoming album Good Mourning.

This has a very classic metal sound to it for me, a little bit ’70’s, a little bit early ’80’s. Think Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple. In fact, what it reminds me of the most is really early Iron Maiden – the pre-Bruce Dickinson days, maybe around the Killers album. But at the same time there’s a bit of shlock horror to it too, which brings to mind the Misfits. Is that me trying to tie this back to the kind of stuff I usually pick? I don’t know. What I do know is, this is really good. A bit retro, but honest and authentic. The Goners are definitely a band to look out for.



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