The Slow Readers Club Announce New Studio Album and UK/Europe Tour!


“All I Hear” is the brand new single from The Slow Readers Club, taken from their forthcoming album, “The Joy Of The Return”, to be released on 20th March 2020!

I’ve been looking forward to news of a new album from this band. Their last album, “Build A Tower”, released in 2018, is still one of the most-played CDs in my car. I love their older albums too, “Cavalcade”, and the self-titled debut. If you haven’t heard them yet, I would highly recommend them. They are quite unique. The Slow Readers Club have a gift for producing addictive music with lyrics that are profound and relevant.

As well as announcing the new album this week, the band released details of an extensive tour of the UK and Europe. Tickets for the tour went on general sale today. Grab some tickets while you still can – they tend to sell out quickly. I’ve seen them live a few times and it’s always a fantastic experience.


You can pre-order the album and buy tickets for the tour via their website:

Track listing:

1) All I Hear
2) Something Missing
3) Problem Child
4) Jericho
5) No Surprise
6) Paris
7) Killing Me
8) All The Idols
9) Every Word
10) The Zero Hour
11) The Wait

Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 22.46.25

Follow The Slow Readers Club:





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