Track of the Day – MILK TEETH – Given Up



So, this is great. Milk Teeth are a British punk band from Stroud in Gloucestershire and have been around since 2013. They’re a classic three piece comprising Becky Blomfield, Em Foster, and Jack Kenny.

I was just watching a documentary on the history of punk music, incidentally, and there were all sorts of debate about what is and isn’t punk. Was grunge punk? Was alternative ’90’s stuff like Pixies punk? In my head, it all is. As long as it has that energy and that drive. That don’t give a shit approach. This reminds me a lot of grunge and that whole era actually. But at the same time, it exists in the same universe as the current Scottish punk scene in that it’s quite melodic and frenetic. And Blomfield has a very classic sounding voice to me – a little Stevie Nicks maybe, but with a more than a splash of Courtney Love or Brody Dalle.

Hey, look, whatever. We could debate it all day. Ultimately, this is just brilliant. And it kicks arse. What more can you ask for than that?



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