Track of the Day – POM POM SQUAD – Honeysuckle



I’m biased because, well, because I picked these songs. And yet I still think this is the strongest start to a week I’ve ever managed since being on the blog. This is an awesome song. It has a bit of everything for me: grungy guitar, a great ’90’s alternative melody and chord changes, and a smoldering vocal that sounds not unlike a much edgier (and much cooler) Sheryl Crow. I mean that as a compliment – in her heyday Crow had a great voice. Mia Berrin has a similar husky quality to her’s, but the disaffected delivery is way more engaging.

The band call themselves ‘Quiet Grrrl’ which is a nice spin on the old Riot Grrrl genre. They hail from Brooklyn and whatever you want to label it, they’re putting out some seriously cool music. Is it punk? Yeah, it is. Is it alt? Oh yes. Grunge? Probably that too. It’s all the things I like. But kind of on the edges of them all – a sort of fusion which is also quite idiosyncratic. A bit like the way Pixies have always skirted and simultaneously trail-blazed those things. It’s bloody great anyway. You’re welcome.



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