Album Review – GRAHAM GREENE “A Ripple In Time”

A-Ripple-In-Time-1500-768x768Australian guitar hero Graham Greene’s new release “A Ripple in Time” contains 13 finely crafted and powerful tracks of mostly instrumental music (two of the tunes feature the marvelous Donna Greene on vocals). The style and vibe of the music ranges from what might be called symphonic instrumental rock, to tracks that delve into the harder, heavier, metal side of things.

Even without lyrics, every track here seems to tell a tale, and listening to the album is a bit like listening to a collection of stories, each tune conjuring up landscapes and vistas from fantasy worlds, fairytales, mythology, and even deep space.

The album kicks off with “City of Fear”, an evocative dark ride that put its hooks in me right from the start. It’s followed by one of my favourite tracks on the album, “Goblin’s Banquet”, a mesmerizing feast of tasty riffs and haunting melodies.

From there on, you might as well just close your eyes and let the music take you along wherever it pleases. Some of the standout tracks for me are “Night of the Djinn” with its swirling rhythms and sense of unfolding adventure; the sorrowful “Mab’s Lament”, full of longing and loneliness; and the hard- and heavy rocking power of “Anathema Maranatha”.

Photo by Don Benson Photography, featuring an Ormsby Guitar.

“Nexus-7” is another one of my favourite tunes – a racing, pulse-pounding piece of music, all gleaming and riffy as Greene’s guitar takes off, speeding through space. “Who Dares Wins” is also a highlight, and it’s a track that feels like a joyful ride through a fairytale.

The two tracks that feature Donna Greene on vocals, “Tale Goes On” and “Our Time In Hell” are both excellent. Her vocals are  strong and full of emotional nuance, and she  has that kind of voice that gives me chills and goosebumps.

The album closes out with the superb “Beyond the Rings”, a quietly contemplative track with gorgeous guitar work and rippling with emotion, making for a beautiful ending to a fantastic album.

“A Ripple in Time” is a musical feast that conjures images of worlds beyond and beneath. There’s a beguiling cinematic quality to the tunes here, as if they’re painting landscapes and vistas with sound and guitar riffs, and if you just lie back and dream while listening whole worlds unfurl inside your head.

It’s an outstanding release from Greene, and one that will be in steady rotation in my headphones.

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  1. City of Fear
  2. Goblin’s Banquet
  3. Night of the Djinn
  4. Maidens Three
  5. Tale Goes On (feat. Donna Greene)
  6. Mab’s Lament
  7. Aliana’s Ride
  8. Anathema Maranatha
  9. Our Time in Hell (feat. Donna Greene)
  10. Nexus-7
  11. Who Dares Wins
  12. A Ripple in Time (Sliders revisited)
  13. Beyond the Rings


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