Track of the Day – SINGAPORE SLING – All The Way In



I’ve featured a Singapore Sling song before on track of the day, back in June last year. I mentioned then that the band are from Reykjavík in Iceland, and that they’ve been around for eighteen (now nineteen I guess) years. It shows too. Their sound is so honed and effortless, you can tell they’ve been playing together for a long time.

Honestly, these guys are becoming probably the most bad ass psyche rock band in the world. They’re brash and confrontational, edgy, don’t really give a shit. The true heirs to Warhol’s factory it seems to me. A brilliant band, with yet another brilliant song.

‘All the Way In’ is from their latest album Killer Classics by the way. Which is also a great record. And coming just a year after Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing), it’s great to see a band eschewing contemporary music release schedules and going back to the good old prolific days of the ’60’s where bands put stuff out much more frequently, once or even twice a year, whenever it’s ready basically.



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