Track of the Day: Come True – The Edge of Reason

I found out about German rock band The Edge of Reason on Twitter. I like their sound.

Check out their latest single “Come True”. It’s not only a great rock song, with lots of passion, energy, and attitude, but the thought-provoking lyrics have a deeper meaning.

‘ “Come True” is about the search for mental balance and inner strength. Being held down by your inner demons, life appears difficult or even hostile. So you crawl under your blanket to escape from the blazing daylight. Finding inner strength would mean to end this struggle, to embrace yourself, and to discover joy in what you are and do. The song describes this search for luck that starts in the hypnotizing world that surrounds you and ends up inside yourself.’


Buy the song:




The band will be releasing a new single, “Squeezed Lemon”, in September, and their album “Sting” will be coming out in October.



Follow The Edge of Reason to keep up with the news:







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