Track of the Day – HELLSINGLAND UNDERGROUND “Carnival Beyond the Hills”


Swedish rock band Hellsingland Underground describes their style of music as “rock/jamband/folk”, and they describe the band, rather humorously, as “…a bunch of disfunctionals that are functioning pretty good together. As a unit.”

If you want to know a bit more about the band, you can read this interview with Charlie Granberg at Global Texan Chronicles. It’s a few years old, but it does give some great insights into what this band is all about.

Hellsingland Underground’s music has its roots in blues, folk music, and classic hard rock, and this brand new tune has a trippy, almost dreamy vibe that I really love.


“Carnival Beyond the Hills” is taken from the band’s latest release “A Hundred Years Is Nothing”, and you can pick it up right now from all the usual retailers:

Hellsingland Underground is:

  • Charlie Granberg – lead vocals and harmonica
  • Jerry Ask – lead and rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Peter Henriksson – lead and rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Martin Karlsson – bass, vocals
  • Thomas Pettersson – piano and organ
  • Patrik Jansson – drums and percussion

Hellsingland Underground’s website / Facebook / Twitter /

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