Track of the Day – THE CHATS – Identity Theft



It’s something often said about AC/DC that the simplicity of their guitar riffs is something that takes a massive amount of work, sophistication and talent. Not everyone can produce something so stripped back that retains its power. I’m going to suggest the same kind of thing applies to The Chats. Because, yeah, this is raw, shouty pub rock. The lyrics are a bit crass and confrontational. But if that’s all you think is going on here then you really aren’t listening properly.

Ok, close your eyes and listen to the bassline which opens the track. Tell me that isn’t very well crafted. Then listen to the guitar solo towards the back end of the song. Go on, try making the argument that this is your average three chord punk riff. That’s an incredibly sophisticated bit of playing which wouldn’t be out of place on any serious alt-rock record of the last 30 years.

I have a soft spot for The Chats. Anyone bold enough to sport the haircuts they do demands some serious respect. This is maybe not quite as good as ‘Smoko’ but that’s probably because nothing is quite as good as ‘Smoko’. It’s a fairly close second though.



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