Track of the Day: Je veux danser tout l’été – Yard of Blondes

Today’s Track of the Day is the perfect summer anthem! It has a real feel-good vibe, and an addictive quality.


“Je veux danser tout l’été” (Translation: I wanna dance all summer long) was released by Yard of Blondes as part of an EP on 19th July 2019, which includes a remix and demo version of the song.




Fanny Hill (Vocals / Bass), told me:

“Je veux danser tout l’été is lighter, happier, and more pop than our usual songs, and the chorus is in French! The song is the fruit of a unique collaboration with the famous DJ and producer Joachim Garraud. So there is a rock version of the song (original) and the remix. And we added to this EP our demo version.

A unique collaboration: Joachim created “LA Good Vibe”, a R.V. transformed into a totally solar recording studio :

He invited us to record the song “Je veux danser tout l’été” in the middle of the desert of California. (link:


Follow Yard of Blondes:








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