Track of the Day: Not Numb – Thunder On The Left

Thunder on the Left are/were one of my favourite new bands. Their debut album last year (when they were a trio) was one of my favourite releases of 2018, and although they then changed direction musically and became a duo, the magic was not lost as they continued to produce amazing music, and their live gigs were always brilliant.

I was sad to learn last week that they won’t be producing any new music as a band. They made the announcement at the same time as releasing their final EP.



“The Familiarity of Chaos” is a fantastic 3-track EP, and I could have chosen any of the 3 songs as Track of the Day today. I had a hard time deciding which one to pick. I have opted for “Not Numb” as it’s the longest song on the release.


The whole EP is full of passion, intoxicating music, and emotive lyrics. It is a dark offering; the subjects of frustration, regret, loneliness, and bad relationships pervade the lyrics. The music is experimental, sublime, and addictive.

It seems that this duo have parted ways on a high creatively. I can only hope that they continue to produce music, as this EP is an example of true artists expressing their lives through music. We need more music produced with such raw passion and honesty.

I’m looking forward to hearing about their future projects.

Get your copy of the EP:




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