Track of the Day – Blóðmör “Líkþorn”


I first read about Blóðmör on board and IcelandAir flight earlier this week, and I was intrigued enough to check out their music once I was back home. The band is a trio and they play “loud and fast metal/ punk music”. Earlier this year, they won the Battle of the bands in Iceland and attracted a lot of interest from the press and new fans.

“Líkþorn” showcases the bands sound perfectly, raw and powerful, with a whole lot of energy.

The band’s name is inspired by traditional Icelandic blood pudding, and you can read more about them and their win at Guide to Iceland.

The band is:

  • Haukur (Guitar/ Vocals)
  • Matthías (Bass/ Vocals)
  • Ísak (Drums)


Blóðmör on Facebook / Bandcamp

📸: Sigurjon Ragnar ljósmyndari /Photographer

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