Track of the Day: Shut Your Eyes and See – Somehow

“Shut Your Eyes and See” is the first single from Somehow‘s upcoming album, “Low Tide”, which is scheduled to be released on 25th October 2019.


Get a copy of the single on Bandcamp:


About the band – taken from the press release:

After a debut album, “Hidden Memories”, released in 2017, which received unanimous critical acclaim, and a single featured all over the world, Somehow is back with a new 9-track album, “Low Tide”. This new record will be released in October 2019 on Toolong Records and Differ-Ant.

Erwan Pépiot, aka Somehow, is a DIY multi-instrumentalist based in Paris.

He wrote, recorded and mixed the entire project on his own, in his home-studio. Only
one exception to the rule: Aurélie Tremblay’s vocals, present on every track, as a natural counterweight to Erwan’s deep voice.

The vocals are the first thing that strike you when you listen to Somehow’s romantic and melancholic universe. Erwan’s phrase and timbre are in line with Morrissey and Ian Curtis, but the melodies show a real singularity and sincerity.

Somehow’s surrealist lyrics deal with human relationships, the passing of time, and the ideas of change and revolution, through a unifying theme: the tide. The cold-wave oriented bass lines remind us of The Cure or Joy Division and yet the imaginative arrangements and the wide diversity of sounds (acoustic guitars, keyboards, melodica, violin, cello…) are more in line with Belle & Sebastian or Fanfarlo. The result is a unique and touching indie-pop.

On stage, Erwan delivers an intimate and intense voice – and – guitar interpretation of his songs.

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