Track of the Day – TRUCKER DIABLO “Other Side of the City”


A new track from Trucker Diablo is always a treat, and “Other Side of the City” once again shows what an amazing rock band this is. These guys just keep writing and releasing some of the catchiest, riff-iest, and TASTIEST rock around.


According to the band’s Facebook page, there is also some additional great Trucker news: a double album is coming in May this year! The album is titled “Devil Songs” and it’s a double cd/digital package featuring thirty songs.

A new package, the 30 song laden “Devil Songs”, the combination of The Devil Rhythm and Songs of Iron, and will be released in May 2019. The lead single “Other Side of the City” is one of the unreleased tunes from that period, and combines everything Trucker became known for since that initial debut album, big riffs, sing along choruses and that feeling we’re in it together!

Recorded late 2018 with long term producer Frankie McClay at Einstein Studios, and featuring current bassist Jim McGurk, Other Side of the City is released 26th April 2019.

Definitely looking forward to that!

Trucker Diablo’s official website / Facebook / Twitter

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