Track of the Day – MATTHEW LOGAN VASQUEZ – Night Forever



Vasquez is originally from Texas but currently lives in Oslo, Norway. He’s best known as being the creative force behind indie rock group Delta Spirit who have been around since the mid 2000’s, but has been releasing some solo records recently too.

In fact, he’s just put a new album out, his third, LIGHT’N UP, which came out in February. ‘Night Forever’ isn’t from this though, it’s from his EP Texas Murder Ballads which came out last year. I thought it was a good one to share as a way into his catalogue. I really like it. It sits somewhere between Queens of the Stone Age and Muse for me. It’s earthy and operatic at the same time. If you like it, check out his new record too – it’s a little quieter that one, at times acoustic, folkier with a slight country tinge. Good though, even if you do prefer things a little louder as a rule.



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