Track of the Day – DU BLONDE – Angel



This. Is. Great.

Du Blonde is effectively the name under which Beth Jeans Houghton operates. Originally from Newcastle, she’s been releasing music since 2008 and has a couple of EPs and now three albums (two under the moniker of Du Blonde) to her name.

‘Angel’ is from her latest release Lung Bread for Daddy (no, I don’t know either) which came out in February. Yes, the video is a bit odd, brilliantly so in my opinion, but what I really like is the don’t-give-a-shit attitude. And that voice. It has elements of Brody Dalle to it, but is deeper and richer. There’s something in the guitar riff too that really grabs me. It’s lo-fi, punky, garage rock sounding, and it’s irreverent but has a classic 70’s rock undertone to it too. I can’t quite place my finger on what it reminds me of – Jackson Browne? The Eagles? Creedence Clearwater Revival? Something like that. Hey listen, whatever I’m blathering on about doesn’t really matter. Just listen to it. It’s really good.



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