Track of the Day – WELL HUNG HEART “You’re Scared”


I’ve been following Well Hung Heart for a few years now and it’s a band that always rocks my world when I listen to them. This latest video is pretty damn wonderful (and funny), and the tune kicks some serious butt.

Well Hung Heart started out as a duo in 2011 with New Orleans born artist and performer Greta Valenti, and British guitarist Robin Davey. They’re a four-piece now with Greta Valenti on vocals, keys, and percussion; Robin Davey on guitar; Danielle “Chip” Lehman on bass and vocals; and Brad Jones + Justin McGrath on drums.


More about the band and their future plans:

The band is entirely self-sufficient and operates their own label, Grow Vision Music. The upcoming album, Songs for the End of the World, will be the first album from the new foursome-version of Well Hung Heart and will be accompanied with a visual album and followed by a feature-length Horror Film.

Well Hung Heart’s official website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube /  Bandcamp

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