Track of the Day – VINCENT H.L – Yeeeaahh



I’m not going to lie: you will probably either love this or hate it. I am very much in the first camp, because I think it’s brilliant. But judging by the reactions of various people I’ve played it to, some seem to get it, some don’t. For me, it’s reminiscent of Captain Beefheart or early Beck – the Mellow Gold/Stereopathetic Soulmanure/One Foot in the Grave era Beck – a bit oddball, quirky as hell, but authentic and heartfelt and tapping into a rich musical history of underground, backwoods, traditional shamanistic don’t-give-a-shit music.

Vincent Lum has been kicking around the New Zealand music scene for quite a while it seems, and has dabbled in all sorts of different rock ventures: punk, metal, blues rock. This is taken from his first solo record under the name of Vincent H.L which is more a folk/rock, roots, slightly batshit acoustic punk record. As well as Beck, I can hear echoes of Nick Cave in there, a touch of Tom Waits maybe. It’s called Weird Days anyway and came out in June last year. If you do like this then you should check it out. It’s great. It’s certainly a bit different, and I like different, it makes me happy.



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