Track of the Day – GRETA VAN FLEET – Rolling in the Deep



Ok, I have a confession to make. I think ‘Rolling in the Deep’ is one of the best songs written in the last twenty years. It’s just one of those tracks that draws on so much history, defies its genre, and where everything just seems to click into place perfectly. It’s not a rock song really though is it? It’s more classic soul sounding to me, although quite a few of Adele’s songs remind me, fleetingly, of The Rolling Stones in their structure and melodies. (I know that sounds a bit weird, but they do – this isn’t a million miles away from ‘Gimme Shelter’ to my ears. Think about it and tell me I’m wrong).

Anyway, Greta Van Fleet have been making a bit of a name for themselves over the last eighteen months or so haven’t they? I discovered ‘Highway Tune’ last year sometime and it almost made track of the day for me. I liked it a lot. If anything though, I found it just a shade too retro for me, just a tiny bit too reminiscent of Led Zeppelin. So I’m kind of rooting for the band to go that one half-step further and put their own undeniable stamp on things. Maybe that’s just me – after all, I have a tendency towards alt-rock and mixing genres, towards things getting a little weirder and more idiosyncratic.

This cover, strangely enough, seems to me to be a step in the right direction for them. Because it shows they’re open to a little more experimentation. And they manage to carry it off, which is no mean feat vocally. Yeah, there’s a little 70’s prog rock middle eight in there, but I think overall this is good. Really good. And it gives me a chance to write about both the song and the band which I’ve been trying to find a way to do for a while.



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  1. I love Greta Van Fleet’s album “Anthem of the Peaceful Army”. It almost made it into my top 10 albums last year. Yes, there are similarities with Led Zep, but that can only be a positive thing as far as I’m concerned. What they do is make great music and they are soooo young. They have a lot of talent. Every band starts by emulating other bands they love and then they slowly find their voice. These guys have a lot of promise. I hadn’t heard this version of Rolling in the Deep, so thanks for posting it. I agree that it’s an awesome song 🙂

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  2. I love Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”, and unless some astonishing new song comes out within the next nine months, it will end up as my #1 song of the 2010s. I also love Greta Van Fleet, the Led Zeppelin comparisons aside, and this is a wonderful cover!

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