Track of the Day – BRYDE – You Do Something to Me


Photo credit: John Williams Photography


Yeah, I know. I write about Bryde a lot on this blog. I reviewed her debut album last year, and voted it my favourite record of 2018, and I reviewed a solo gig I went to see her at in Shrewsbury last year. I’m going to defend myself though by reiterating how great I think she is. Indie, sometimes folk-tinged, alternative rock in the same universe as Patti Smith, Sharon van Etten, PJ Harvey.

This is another cover, the second of three I’ve picked this week, mainly because some of my favourite artists just happen to have recently released covers. ‘You Do Something to Me’ is probably my favourite Paul Weller song, and here it gets a lush makeover with some gorgeous cello and instrumentation, and a bit of a change up in the melody which Howell’s voice makes haunting and introspective. Weller enthusiasts might not be happy, but I think this is by far the best version I’ve heard of this since the original. I like them both. There’s room in the musical universe for both certainly. Lovely stuff.



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  1. I always find out about new Bryde music from you, Neil! 🙂 I love Bryde too, and have you to thank for that because I hadn’t heard of this band until you posted your album review last year. The album was in my top 10 last year and it’s still regularly played in my car. I’ll be featuring one of the tracks on Ignite Rock Show again next week. I hadn’t heard this cover of “You do something to me”. It’s also one of my fave songs and it is indeed a lovely cover. Sarah Howell’s has such an original voice.

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