3 new releases you should definitely check out

It’s a new year, and lots of awesome music is coming our way. I know several bands I follow have been recording new material and have new releases in the works, including Ragdoll, Thundermother, Graham Greene, and Browsing Collection, and I’m hoping for details and release dates to surface soon (or at least soonish).

However, right now, here are three new releases coming very soon that are most definitely worth checking out.


Rival Sons – “Feral Roots”
An album from Rival Sons is always an event as far as I’m concerned, and I really cannot wait to listen to this new release. The tracks the band has shared so far have been pretty damn spectacular. “Feral Roots” is set for release January 25th.

Rival Sons’ official website / Facebook / Twitter


Burning Rain – “Face the Music”
The band’s previous release, “Epic Obsession”, was excellent, and the new album is described as “a blues driven hard rock record”, and the new lineup consists of Keith St. John on vocals, Doug Aldrich on guitar, Blas Elias on drums, and Brad Lang on bass.

“Face The Music” will be released March 22, and you can pre-order your copy of the album right now.

Burning Rain’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


Massive – “Rebuild Destroy”
Australian rockers Massive have rocked my world with every album they’ve released so far. Their new album, “Rebuild Destroy”, is set for release February 1st, and the tracks I’ve heard so far really whet the appetite for more.

Massive’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


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