Track of the Day – THE COATHANGERS – Bimbo



So, I quite like punk music. And I really like alt-rock. And there’s nothing I like more than when the two things come together. I’ve written about The Coathangers before, when I reviewed their last EP Parasite back in 2017. I am a bit of a fan.

This is the lead single from an upcoming album by the band. The Devil You Know is out in March and follows last year’s live record and their last studio album Nosebleed Weekend which saw them in experimental mode, mixing their signature punk sound with 60’s psyche and the occasional burst of strange, twee k-pop. Some of that experimentation worked brilliantly, some of it maybe less so.

In any case, this is great. At the start of it you may be thinking why the hell I’ve picked this for a rock blog. It has elements of 50’s female doo-wop to it but reminds me most of something by Saint Etienne – it’s quite mellow and sweet. But bear with it for a minute because when Stephanie Luke jumps in on the vocal it really finds its spine. And then you realise the contrasts they’re playing with here and actually, it’s inspired. The song is called ‘Bimbo’. So it sets itself up as a nice little incidental number and then immediately subverts itself with some hidden steel. Actually, a little bit like Saint Etienne, but with a harder edge.



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