Track of the Day: Animals/Anifeiliaid – Red Room Therapy

Red Room Therapy are one of my favourite rock bands. If you haven’t heard their debut album “All in the Mind” and self-titled EP I would recommend you check them out. This band have produced some of the best new rock music in recent years.


The band have been quiet for a while but they’re back with two new releases! The tracks were released on 31st December 2018 and I found out about them a couple of days later. It was a great start to the new year. Both releases are excellent. There is a single “Feel”, which also contains the track “Phantom Shoe Thief”. And there is “Animals”. The single includes a track titled “Anifeiliaid”, which I looked up on Google and found out it means animals in Welsh – both have the same music, so I am assuming it’s a Welsh version of the same track. Both versions are superb, so both are my pick for today’s track of the day.

The “Animals” single also includes another track “Let Me Lose My Mind”. I couldn’t find any links to the songs which I could share here, except the Spotify link. Go and check out both of the new releases; I’m sure you’ll want to download a copy for your collection, so here’s the iTunes link for “Animals”: and the link for “Feel”:



The new releases, as with all of Red Room Therapy’s songs are heavy, grungy, gritty, guitar-driven rock with relevant and insightful lyrics, and awesome vocals. This is a band that deserve much more recognition. If you like what you hear, be sure to spread the word!

Follow Red Room Therapy:





Check out their Youtube channel for videos:

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