Track of the Day: No Pleasure Only Pain – Tokyo Taboo

Tokyo Taboo currently have a Pledge Music page to raise funds for the production of their upcoming album. Find out more here:

Today’s track of the day is the awesome first single from that album, “No Pleasure Only Pain”!

About the song:

Written about the animal attraction you feel for someone even when you know they will only cause you pain, No Pleasure Only Pain rages with the band’s trademark ferocity as whirring hooks race alongside tremendous beats and the immense power of front-woman Dolly Daggerz’ vocals. As guitarist Mickey Danger’s riotous riffs blast into your ears, the track’s propelled by a feisty power that’ll instantly hit you with its seething frenzied energy. Of the track, Daggerz explains: “It’s like being so totally seduced that you’d sell your body, but wanting to run and hide somewhere on the opposite side of the planet simultaneously! It’s about that sense of danger that we’re sometimes attracted to.”

You can buy/stream a copy of the single via the following link:


Pre-order your copy of the album and check out the other exclusive merchandise on offer on the band’s Pledge Music page:

Follow Tokyo Taboo:


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