Track of the Day – BABY STRANGE – Job in the City (Working for Nothing)



If you’ve read any of my blog posts in the past, you’ll know that I have a real thing for the Glasgow music scene. I wrote about it last year, and I’ve featured tons of bands from that city on Track of the Day. Well, these guys are the godfathers of the whole thing in my opinion.

Their song ‘Motormind‘ was one of the first things I ever wrote about on this blog, and it was their music that led me up North of the border and resulted in me finding all these fantastic young bands up there. The band are pretty instrumental too in supporting these other musicians, running their own indie record label, sharing the stage with them whenever they play.

Anyway, this is the first new music from Baby Strange in over a year so I had to include it. I couldn’t find a video or online link, so I’ve had to embed a Spotify widget. I hope it works. Great song, great band.



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