EP Review – BROWSING COLLECTION “Don’t Want To Dance”

dontwanttodance.jpgThere’s something absolutely freaking irresistible about Browsing Collection. The band has a vibe, an energy, whatever you want to call it, that just knocks me over and has knocked me over since I first listened to them some years ago.

There’s a sense of both fun and ferocity in their music that really appeals to me and “Don’t Want to Dance”, Browsing Collection’s brand new EP, shows off all that power, strength, and that sense of fun.

Every tune here is a crackling piece of punk-powered, rock-fueled awesomeness. The band comes at you with fiercely catchy, sharp and jagged tunes that show off their considerable musical prowess and skill. Add the band’s juggernaut energy, well, you have an EP that packs a serious punch.

There are six tracks on this EP, and the only problem with that is that I wish there were more.

The band kicks off the proceedings with the raw and rugged “One Time A Year”, a fast and sharp rocker with Carro Karlsson killing it on drums. Next up is the fantastic “Something To Hold On To”, a tasty, speeding rock and roll bullet of slamming riffs and salty-sweet energy.


Browsing Collection shows off some excellent guitar-work on the ferocious and heavy “Hi But No” with fabulous, rip-roaring vocals from Mimi Brander. Hold on to your hair and hats though, because on the fourth track, “Oh, Sweet Sire”, Brander unleashes the full power of her voice and man-oh-man, what a track this is. It might even be my favourite on the EP, with that deliciously twangy guitar starting it off, fantastic bass, and Brander absolutely smoking hot on vocals. Brilliant, brilliant tune.

“Thank God It’s Friday” is a quintessential party tune, it’s fun with an edge, fun without a sugar-coating, and it brings out some stellar drums as well. And that chorus? Tailor-made for sing-alongs.

The EP closes out with the darker and deeper “The Story That Never Ends”, a track with lyrics that dig deep and cut to the quick.

“Don’t Want to Dance” is a kick-ass, pedal-to-the-metal release from a band that knows how to knock you out and pull you in. Flavoured with punk and pop, this is honest, raw, fierce and fiery rock with attitude. Check it out and get some Browsing Collection in your system ASAP.

“Don’t Want to Dance” is available from the usual streaming platforms, or get physical copies via the band’s website.

Browsing Collection’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


  1. One Time A Year
  2. Something To Hold On To
  3. Hi But No
  4. Oh, Sweet Sire
  5. Thank God It’s Friday
  6. The Story That Never Ends


  • Mimi Brander: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
  • Moa Lenngren: Lead Guitar, Vocals
  • Nora Lenngren: Bass, Vocals
  • Carro Karlsson: Drums

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