Track of the Day – HARVEY RUSHMORE & THE OCTOPUS – Radiation



No, I have no idea. You were going to ask about the band name right? No clue. You’re never going to forget it though are you? So perhaps that’s what it’s all about.

Harvey Rushmore & The Octopus are from Basel in Switzerland. They seem to variously describe themselves as psychedelic surf rock, garage rock, kraut rock. And yeah, I can hear all of those things in there I suppose. They’re more than a simple sum of their parts though. They have an incredibly accomplished sound. Take this version of ‘Radiation’, for example, which I could only find a live version of to share. It doesn’t matter, it sounds almost note for note the same as the recorded one.

This track is from their last record The Night which came out last year. Yeah, I know, I usually try and pick songs that have been out in the last couple of months. But I missed this one at the time and it’s just too damn good to shrug my shoulders over as one that got away. Better late than never. Go and check out The Night too. It’s pretty great.



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