Track of the Day – SPORTS TEAM – Margate



What would the Rolling Stones sound like if filtered through a post-punk lens, thirty years after Primal Scream and with a liberal dose of Roxy Music? Well, they’d probably sound a bit like Sports Team.

This is a band I’ve been listening to for a little while. Quite a few of their tracks have been on my list for track of the day, but I think this is their best so far. I love it. They’re from Cambridge here in the UK, although the video was apparently shot on location in, well, in Margate.

It seems very current to me this, it exists in the same universe as IDLES and Shame. There’s a sort of semi-ironic nod to the 80’s with the Ian Curtis style dancing and the Paul Weller (Style Council era) clothing. Put all of that together with the energy and classic sounding riffs of the track and seriously, what’s not to like? They’re getting better and better these guys. Keep an eye on them.



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