Track of the Day – L.A. Witch – Sleep



L.A. Witch are another band I’ve been following for a few years now. They released a great set of early EPs, and then a debut album last year. For that record the band seemed to move away a little bit from the fuzzy, psychedelic, seedy L.A. underworld sound they’d crafted for themselves and headed out East to inject a little more desert rock into proceedings.

Their latest EP, Octubre, which ‘Sleep’ is taken from, moves them back into the sidestreets and crumbling grandeur of their hometown. Which is where I personally think they’re at their absolute best. But they have brought some of their desert adventures back with them: the tracks on this record seem to merge the two things together in a really impressive way.

Anyway, yeah, ‘Sleep’. Great song. Warhol, The Doors, Lou Reed, The Coathangers, Dum Dum Girls, Hollywood Boulevard, the Manson family – that’s my little associative word cloud when I’m listening to this. Stylistically, musically, I think it’s great whichever way you slice it. L.A. Witch are back and at the top of their game here.



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