Track of the Day – BLACK HONEY – What Happened to You?


Photo Credit: Antonia Marsh


It seems like I’ve been a fan of Black Honey forever. Several years now at least. One of the very first posts I did on this blog was about their string of excellent single and EP releases, so it seems strange that this track is from only their debut album.

That record came out a couple of months ago now, and if I’m being totally honest I’m still trying to get my head around it. It’s really good to be fair, you’ll probably like it a lot, but it marks for me a bit of a change of direction to all the stuff they released previously. Not a massive change, it’s no complete curveball, but I’m biding my time with it, trying to listen to it without bringing my own ridiculous prejudices to the process.

In any case, you don’t care about all of that. You just want to listen to a good tune right? And this is precisely that. This is a great tune. It’s the one track on the album that grabbed me right away and remains my favourite. It has a driving rhythm, with that lovely trademark vocal Izzy Phillips always brings to the party. It reminds me a bit of Curve (a criminally underrated band if you ask me) and sits at that nice tipping point where rock music meets indie music meets club music. I like it a lot. And if you bear with me, I might finally get around to reviewing the album…



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