3 awesome releases you should definitely check out – with NITA STRAUSS, DIEMONDS & GEOMAGNETIST


“Controlled Chaos” by NITA STRAUSS

“Controlled Chaos” is Nita Strauss’s solo debut, and holy smokes, this album is full-on heavy metal rock instrumental goodness from start to finish. Strauss flexes her considerable power and skill on tracks like “Our Most Desperate Hour”, “Mariana Trench” and “The Quest”. She also bares a whole lot of feel and emotion on two of my favourite tracks here, the soulful “Here With You” and the beautiful “Hope Grows”. Strauss definitely knows how to shred, and if you’ve got a thing for instrumental rock and metal (I do), then this album is well worth checking out.

Get the album:

Follow Nita Strauss: Instagram / Facebook / Twitter


“Diemonds” by DIEMONDS

Canada’s Diemonds is one of my favourite bands, and they always deliver the hard-rocking goods in spectacular fashion. This self-titled release is another stellar collection of tracks from the band, with gritty, hard-hitting tunes like “Breathe”, “Our Song”, “How Long”, and “Warrior”. Diemonds knows how to rock and I love the raw, emotional edge they bare on this album. One of my favourite tracks is the powerful “Shoulda Listened To Ya” with some crushing vocals from Priya Panda. This whole album is a keeper for any hard rock fan.

Diemonds’ official web-page / Twitter / Facebook.


“Geomagnetist” by GEOMAGNETIST

Geomagnetist is a new studio collaboration formed in London 2017, bringing together musicians Gaz Twist (from KilliT), Geos Letona (from Ace Mafia) and Magdy Abdel-Rehim (from Cairo Son). The band’s self-titled debut EP is a striking collection of beautifully crafted tunes that really showcases the members’ considerable musical skills. My favourite tune here is probably the haunting title track “Nothing Changes”, but the whole EP is solid to the core and I really want to hear more from this outfit.

Geomagnetist official website / Facebook / YouTube


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