Track of the Day – BLACK FOXXES – Lovesong



So, funny story. I saw Black Foxxes had a new song out and listened to it without paying much attention to what it was called. And then sat there thinking ‘wow, this sounds so much like The Cure, they’ve let themselves be too heavily influenced there’. Except I’m a muppet, because it is The Cure. They’ve done a cover of ‘Lovesong’, obviously. It wasn’t until we got to the vocal that it dawned on me. What can I say? It was a long week.

This a really decent band by the way. Their latest record Reiði (Icelandic for ‘Rage’) was album of the week in Kerrang! magazine. Not that the band are Icelandic, they’re from Exeter. They have a lot of songs I could have picked for Track of the Day as I like them a lot. But this one had the edge as I’m also a massive fan of The Cure so it seemed like a two-in-one deal to me.



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