Album review – MONSTER TRUCK “True Rockers”

truerockersYou a rock’n’roll fan? Need something to pick you up, to rev your engine, some music to get the party started, to get through a bad day or make a good day better, something to crank up to 11 and blast out your speakers while you’re driving down the highway (or while you’re cruising the Costco parking lot)? Well, Monster Truck has just the thing you need: the band’s brand new album “True Rockers”.

Monster Truck has been rocking my world since I first listened to them years ago. “Furiosity” and “Sittin’ Heavy” propelled them onto bigger stages around the world, and here they are, with their third album coming out on September 14th. Things have changed on “True Rockers”, because hey, no creative band can just stand still. “True Rockers” still has that riffy, heavy, smoky-good groove, the keyboards are still there, and the songs are still catchy as hell, and they still shake your ribcage, but there’s something a bit sharper and cleaner about the sound, an evolution of the band’s style while keeping it firmly anchored in the land of stoner rock, bluesy grit, and pure rock’nroll howls.

First track “True Rocker” is a thumping, over-the-top rock’n’roll sermon, with the band letting loose and having fun, and that sets the tone nicely for the rest of the album. “Thundertruck” brings out the keyboards front and center for another good-time blast, and by the third track, the band is really bringing it. “Evolution” kicks so much ass I don’t even know what to say, the band pours tons of heart and soul into this track about revolution and change it just about jump-starts my heart every time I listen to it.


“Devil Don’t Care” is all bluesy and old-school, swinging like a ZZ-Top track, while “Being Cool Is Over” is another speeding rocker – I really love the backup vocals on this one and those awesome keyboards.

The rest of the album is fierce and fun and fiery with the fun-loving “Young City Hearts”, the rock’n’roll scream that is “In My Own World”, the juicy, riffy, bad-ass goodness of “Denim Danger”, and the kick of hot and heavy rock’n’roll deliciousness that is “Hurricane”.

One of my favourite track on this release is “Undone”. It’s a glorious, soulful slowburn of a track, packed with emotion in both vocals and the guitars. It’s a track that reminds me of “For The Sun” from “Furiosity” (that’s one of my all-time favourite tracks by any band, ever). Monster Truck sure knows how to party, but they also know how to wear their hearts on their sleeve, and this track is proof positive of that.

Another one of my faves closes out the record. “The Howlin'” slays me from beginning to end. It’s a brilliant southern rocker that also manages to tell a pretty damn haunting story – killer vocals on this tune.

In conclusion: “True Rockers” is another fabulous release from Monster Truck. Get it, blast it, and if you ever have a chance to see these guys live, do not hesitate. They are the real deal and then some.

Pre-order “True Rockers.

Monster Truck’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


  1. True Rocker
  2. Thundertruck
  3. Evolution
  4. Devil Don’t Care
  5. Being Cool Is Over
  6. Young City Hearts
  7. Undone
  8. In My Own World
  9. Denim Danger
  10. Hurricane
  11. The Howlin’


  • Jon – Bass and Vocals
  • Brandon – Keys and Vocals
  • Steve – Drums and Vocals
  • Jer – Guitar and Vocals


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