Pre-order the new Tokyo Taboo album!

Tokyo Taboo are one of the best new rock bands around at the moment; the lead singer Dolly Daggerz is flamboyant and charismatic and the band’s style is quite innovative.

If you haven’t heard their debut album “6th Street Psychosis” yet, check it out on Spotify. It’s brilliant! This band were one of my highlights at the Camden Rocks Festival last year, their music really comes to life in their stage shows.

The band recently announced that they are working on a second album! They’ll be recording the album with legendary producer Noah Shain in Los Angeles.

You can pre-order the album at Pledge Music along with lots of other exclusive stuff, including:

  • your name in the album credits;
  • a private acoustic performance in your front room;
  • a one-of-a-kind disposable camera (photos of a day in the life of Dolly in LA);
  • original pages from Dolly’s song lyric book…

… and much more!

You can find all the details, including how to pre-order the album, at the Pledge Music Page!

Follow Tokyo Taboo:


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