Track of the Day – HELL’S ADDICTION “We’re On Fire”


The first track I ever heard by Hell’s Addiction was “Alcohol”, and that is still one of my go-to tracks for rugged, raw rock’n’roll. (Check it out.) They play balls-to-the-wall, heavy-duty hard rock, and if I tell you that some of the bands Hell’s Addiction quotes as influences are AC/DC, Skid Row, and Guns N Roses, you’ll have some inkling of what to expect.

“We’re On Fire” is prime Hell’s Addiction, and you can check out all the band’s singles and albums on their website.

Hell’s Addiction are:

  • Ben Sargent (vocals)
  • Liam Sargent (guitar)
  • Dan Weir (guitar & backing vocals)
  • Jason Green (bass)
  • Luke Morley (drums)

Hell’s Addiction’s official web-page / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube


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