Track of the Day – THE RAVEONETTES – Ghost



Hey, it’s 1st June. Is that not technically summer? Here’s a nice chilled dream-pop song for you anyway. Hopefully it’s a sunny day and this will sound great with the windows open and the sunlight streaming in.

The Raveonettes are from Denmark and feature Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo, sharing the vocals and sharing most of the instruments it seems. They’ve been around for fifteen years or more and have had quite a bit of success over in Europe – the photo above is of them supporting Depeche Mode on a European tour. I love this anyway. Everyone in our house loves it. I keep getting asked to play it, and then I keep hearing everyone else singing snatches of it as they go about doing their everyday tasks.

Just as an aside, the distortion that fades in and out is deliberate, it’s not a corrupted file. I think it gives the whole thing an additional layer of disassociated dreaminess. Great song, and a nice way to end the week I’d say.



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