Track of the Day – FANTASTIC NEGRITO – Plastic Hamburgers




I revealed my latest musical obsession on Friday when I wrote up my review of this guy’s gig in Manchester. Well, here it is again. Fantastic by name, fantastic by nature, Xavier Dphrepaulezz is back as Fantastic Negrito with a new album Please Don’t Be Dead due on 16th June. ‘Plastic Hamburgers’ is the lead off single for this and is a bit of a monster.

He calls his music “blues with a punk attitude”. Yes, he’s essentially a blues player, but listen to this and tell me you can’t hear echoes of Hendrix’s ‘Crosstown Traffic’ as well as a heavy dose of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave. I can’t stop playing this one, or the second single ‘The Duffler’ which you should check out too.



There’s obviously a social protest element to this track too. At the show in Manchester he invited us all to join ‘NegritoNation’, to reject notions of who we should be, how we should look, how we should talk and behave. I’m in. All the way.


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