Track of the Day: Carousel – Jet Black 3

It’s always exciting when Jet Black 3 release new music. They are one of those bands you can count on to produce quality songs. Jet Black 3 are one of my favourite bands at the moment.

Their latest single is my pick for today’s Track of the Day: “Carousel” is a catchy song that I’ve been listening to quite a lot since its release at the end of April. Jet Black 3 have quite an original sound. They play wonderfully bluesy grunge rock. “Carousel” has a bit of a country music twist to it as well. It’s an uplifting melodic track.

I was thrilled to find that a quote from one of my reviews was featured in their publicity for this track 🙂

Get a copy of “Carousel” from iTunes:

Add it to your Spotify playlists:

The band will play Somerset’s Unsigned festival on 18th August. Keep an eye on their social media for more gig announcements.


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[photo credit: Ciurcui Levente photography]


    • I agree, Neil, they have that unique quality as well as a bit of a retro vibe that is similar to those bands. These guys deserve to be heard by a much wider audience 🙂

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