Album review – GRAHAM GREENE “Rage of the Innocents”

GG-Rage-Of-The-Innocents-600webAfter delivering an outstanding EP two years ago (check out “The Guitar Vinci Code” if you haven’t already), Australian guitarist Graham Greene is back in action with a brand new album full of powerful instrumental rock.

“Rage of the Innocents” hits all of my sweet spots, with tunes that are both emotional and evocative. What I particularly love about Greene’s music is how each tune is so alive and vivid, sparking images and stories in my head as I listen, each one pulling me into a different musical landscape, vividly brought to life by notes and riffs, rhythm and melodies.

(Full disclosure: the track “Gates of Balawat” was inspired by one of my short stories, so I probably shouldn’t even mention that I love this epic opening track that makes me feel like I’m soaring high above the desert.)

One of my favourite tracks on the album is “Wulver’s Stane”, shimmering with drums and pipes and a Celtic vibe. That folk-music feel returns later on the fabulous “Road to Bedrule”, with the sound of fiddles blending effortlessly with Greene’s riffs. Other standouts include the rock’n’roll swaggering “Fools and Angels” with its intricate guitar-work; and the fiery and fierce “Captain Dangerous” – a track that is prime rock’n’roll magic from start to finish.


Other highlights are the massive-sounding “Thrill of the Chase”, and the excellent “Kings & Queens” with Donna G on vocals (it’s a remastered and reworked version of a track originally released on Resonance Project’s EP “Tale Goes On“).

Picking a favourite track is hard, partly because the album works so well as a whole – Greene really takes you on a musical journey on this release. But if you twist my rubber arm I’ll list three tracks that really got under my skin. One of them is “Only Time”, which starts out sort of quietly, with a soft and warm glow to it, and then amps up as the electric guitar takes flight. And the album’s title-track is just plain awesome with its heavy, deep riffs, and a darker tone. “Ghost of a Chance” is a knockout as well, dark and haunting with a powerful, hard-rocking feel and some divine sway and swagger.

“Rage of the Innocents” closes out with the softer “State of the Arc”, a track tinged with both beauty and sadness, wrapping up a terrific and deeply satisfying collection of tunes. The album is set for release May 1st, and if you love beautifully crafted instrumental rock that leaves a lasting impression, this is a must-have.

Keep up with Graham Greene online: official website / Facebook / Twitter


  1. Gates of Balawat
  2. Wulver’s Stane
  3. Thrill of the Chase
  4. Fools and Angels
  5. Only Time
  6. Rage of the Innocents
  7. Kings & Queens
  8. The Road to Bedrule
  9. Ghost of a Chance
  10. Captain Dangerous
  11. State of the Arc


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