Three fantastic albums you should definitely check out – from ROBERT PLANT, THUNDERMOTHER & JUDAS PRIEST


There is so much kick-ass new music being released right now, both by new bands and older bands and my playlist is filling up with a whole lot of new favourites lately.

Here are three brand new and new-ish releases that have really caught my ear recently.

JUDAS PRIEST “Firepower”


Well, holy smokes, Judas Priest is a band that has been around the block a few times in their epic career, but “Firepower” proves they can still deliver the metal goods in spectacular style.


From the first riffs, “Firepower” is an absolute blast of fire and energy and vocals and riffs. There’s something almost supernatural about how good this album is: Rob Halford is so good on vocals you’d swear he’s putting unicorn blood or something in his tea, and the guitar duo of Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner are just jaw-droppingly excellent. (The riffs on “Lone Wolf” had me replaying the track over and over just to hear THAT again and again.) Add in the monster drumming of Scott Travis and the Ian Hill on bass and you have a band that sounds like they’ve got plenty of power left in the collective tank.

It’s hard to pick a favourite track because this is one hell of a strong album, but the one-two punch of “Never The Heroes” and “Necromancer” is one of my favourite things in the world right now. “Spectre”, “Lone Wolf”, and “Flame Thrower” are three other standouts for me, but really, this album is solid metal to the core. It even has some gorgeous piano on “Guardians” (blending perfectly into the soaring “Rising From Ruins”), and a beautiful ballad (always a hallmark of Judas Priest) in “Sea of Red”, a classic Priest offering with Halford showing just how freaking good he is. 5/5 horns up for this release!

Judas Priest’s official website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

THUNDERMOTHER “Thundermother”


Thundermother went through some big lineup changes in recent years, but guitarist Filippa Nässil remains at the helm, and they’re back with this hard-rocking self-titled album. The band has kept and honed its heavy, no-nonsense style, and they sound if possible even more fiery and ferocious.


This is kick-ass, stick to your ribs, headbanging, horns-up rock’n’roll, and the band blows through a slew of fantastic rockers, including the swaggering “Whatever”, and the headbanging anthem “We Fight For Rock N Roll”. Two of my favourite tracks are the rambling “Quitter”, and the beefy, thundering opening track “Revival”.

Facebook / Twitter / Web page



People keep asking Robert Plant when (if) he’s going to agree to another Led Zeppelin reunion, and I guess it’s no surprise considering the legacy of that band. However, the man just does not seem to be up for it (check out this interview in Esquire for further proof). Instead, he’s making spectacular music of a different kind with his band The Sensational Space Shifters. “Carry Fire” is an absolutely inspired and inspiring album – shifting between gentle, moody, emotional, flowing, psychedelic, and staying flat-out awesome all the way through.


My favourites from the album are probably the title track “Carry Fire”, and the delicate, almost fragile “Season’s Song”, but the whole album is such a beautiful and seamlessly constructed weave that I find myself listening to the whole thing again and again. There are exquisite middle-eastern influences, lilting melodies, hints of blues and rock, and soft, crooning vocals from Plant, and throughout the album there’s a bitter-sweetness in both the vocals and the music that is heart- and soul-piercing.

Get the album:

Robert Plant’s website / Facebook / Twitter


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