Track of the Day – THE CHATS – Smoko




It’s not very often this happens, but this band kind of have me lost for words. See if the same thing happens to you as happened to me: you listen to this and initially think ‘what was that?’ Then you spend the next week singing it in your head. And you listen to it again and again and decide it’s actually a piece of absolute genius. Apparently, this has gone viral on Youtube, so you might have already heard it. I found it when the band Baby Strange tweeted about it.

The Chats are the second Australian band I’ve featured this week and hail from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. There are some bands, it seems to me, that work out what they want to sound like and work towards it methodically. There are others that know what they like and take all those influences and work them into something new. And then there are those like The Chats that just pick up their instruments and see what comes out. Occasionally, what comes out is just mindblowingly brilliant.

They will probably divide opinion a bit, and that’s fair enough, the best bands do. But I think they’re great. They look so uncool that the sheer defiance of that makes them incredibly cool. And you can’t get much more punk than singing in your local accent using regional slang without a care about whether the wider world gets it or not. Respect.

Also, watch out for the ironic choreography in the video. It’s superb. Everything about this is superb. (Can you tell I really like it?)



I think they’re so good these guys, I’m going to cheat a bit and include another track from them, ‘Mum Stole My Darts’. Darts means cigarettes right? I think so…



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