Track of the Day – JUDAS PRIEST ‘Lightning Strike’


Judas Priest needs no introduction. This is one of the iconic bands in the heavy metal world, and they are still going strong. The band’s last release, ‘Redeemer of Souls’, was a terrific album, and the live-album ‘Battle Cry’ was (in my humble opinion) even better. (Read my review of Battle Cry.)


Now, the band is back with a new single, a new video, and a new album called ‘Firepower’, set for release in March. There’s also huge world tour coming up (though I’m rather heart-broken that the band does not appear to be stopping by Vancouver this time!), so fans of Judas Priest will have a lot to headbang to this year.

The new track is a real metal treat. You can also check out Revolver Magazine’s article and video of singer / Metal God Rob Halford talking about the lyrics for this track. And if you crave even more tasty Judas Priest news, you can read an excellent interview with guitarist Richie Faulkner at Epiphone’s website.

Judas Priest’s official website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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