Track of the Day – HOWLING SLUDGE – Drag the Sea



With a name like Howling Sludge, you’re probably not expecting a bouncy euro-pop hit, and you’d be right. The name will probably divide opinion – I can’t quite decide myself if it’s genius or not – but one thing that isn’t in doubt is their music. Because this is fantastic.

The band are from North Yorkshire and comprise just Hayley Hutchinson on drums and vocals with Sam Forrest on both guitar and bass. Actually, they’re a bit of a supergroup, with Hutchinson stepping in from the band The Sorry Kisses and Forrest playing mostly in the brilliant Nine Black Alps.

(EDIT: Actually, The Sorry Kisses also features both Hutchinson and Forrest, so it looks like Howling Sludge is actually the same band. I assume they’re using a different name to differentiate the sound they’ve created here: The Sorry Kisses are more stripped-back indie pop, in the vein of latter day Lemonheads. You should check them out too though as they’re pretty great…)

Anyway, if you like your rock music loud, and distorted, played in a minor key, but melodic, and straight out of the early SubPop songbook, then this will be right up your street. Think Bleach era Nirvana. Think early Hole and The Breeders. I love it.

Check out their debut album, also called Howling Sludge (they do really like that name), it’s pretty great. It’s my Birthday today, and finding this is a pretty nice Birthday present to myself.



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