3 x 10 – Rock And Roll’s favourite releases in 2017 + VOTE for your 3 faves!

It’s that time of the year: time to share our favourite things from 2017! Here at Rock And Roll, Maria Haskins, Maria Savva, and Neil Schiller have finally picked their 10 favourite releases from the year.

BONUS: At the bottom of this post is a poll where you can pick your 3 favourites of the 30! Voting is open until December 30th!

Maria Haskins’ 10 favourites:


1. TRUCKER DIABLO – Fighting For Everything (Read my review.)


2. BLACK STAR RIDERS – Heavy Fire (Read my review.)


3. KXM – Scatterbrain (Read my review.)


4. COLDSPELL – A New World Arise (Read my review.)



5. PRÖWESS – Headfirst (Read my review.)


6. OLD JAMES – Speak Volumes (Read my review.)


7. HEAVY TIGER – Glitter (Read my review.)


8. WICKED TONGUES – Color of Attack (Read my review.)


9. AVIATOR SHADES – This Is What We Do (Read my review.)


10. DEPECHE MODE – Spirit

Maria Savva’s 10 favourites:

1. TAROT RATS – 3.0 (Read my review HERE)

2. FLORENCE BLACK – EP II (Find out more about the EP HERE)

3. THE VIRGINMARYS – Sitting Ducks (Read my review HERE)

4. AUSTIN GOLD – Before Dark Clouds (Read my review HERE)

5. DIRTY THRILLS – Heavy Living (Read my review of the launch gig for the album HERE)

6. PUPPET REBELLION – Chemical Friends (Find out more about the album HERE)

7. THEIA – Back In Line (See my review of their gig at The Black Heart HERE)

8. AS LIONS – Selfish Age (Read my review HERE)

9. WAYWARD SONS – Ghosts Of Yet To Come (Read my review HERE)

10. EVILYN STRANGE – Idiom (Read my review HERE)

Neil Schiller’s 10 favourites:

1 RB

1. ROYAL BLOOD – How Did We Get So Dark? (Read my review.)


2. RON GALLO – Heavy Meta (Read my review.)


3. ZEAL & ARDOR – Devil Is Fine (Read my review.)


4. THE MAXIMS – The Maxims (EP) (Read my review.)


5. THE LAPELLES – The Lapelles (Read my review.)


6. WEDDING CAMP – Clear Fizzy Things (EP) (Read my Track of the Day selection.)

2 BP

7. BAD PARENTS – Bad Parents (EP) (Read my Track of the Day selection for Misty Miller – one half of Bad Parents.)


8. FANGCLUB – Fangclub (Read my review.)

1 KB

9. KEVIN MORBY – City Music

1 DR

10. BAXTER DURY- Prince of Tears

And here’s your chance to pick your 3 faves from our 3×10 lists. The poll will stay up until December 30th!



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