Track of the Day – PALE HONEY – Get These Things Out of My Head



Call this a generalisation if you like (it is), but you can’t beat a good Scandinavian rock band. Pale Honey are from Gothenburg in Sweden and comprise Nelly Daltrey on drums and Tuva Lodmark on guitars and lead vocals. This track is from their latest album Devotion.

I really like this. It has an industrial 80’s sound to it, for me, but with an almost ethereal filter laid over the top of it, which reminds me of that particular part of Northern Europe for some reason. Not that I’ve ever been there, but imagination is a marvelous thing. That and the odd Scandinavian novel and TV detective series…



I do this sometimes, if I find out something else interesting about the band I’m featuring when I do a bit of research. In this case, carrying on the Swedish theme, I discovered they’d recently done a cover of ABBA’s ‘Lay All Your Love on Me’. It’s pretty great. It sounds like ABBA meets The XX. So here that is, as a little bonus. Enjoy.



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