Track of the Day – REWS – Shine



Rews are a duo that hail from London and Belfast. Shauna Tohill plays guitar and provides lead vocals, and Collette Williams provides the drums and vocals.

Like The Van Ts, who I featured a couple of weeks back, they remind me of the heyday of late 80’s/early ’90s alternative indie rock. Bands like Curve and Lush. Energetic and melodic, but with a real edge and a fair bit of grit. Great songwriting which draws on hardcore guitar riffs and rhythms and much more general pop sensibilities at the same time. It pulls from all over the spectrum is I guess what I’m trying to say, and I like that. Because why be a genre purist when there are all sorts of great ideas you can have that combine into something great?

I really like this. I think it’s great. I’ll be watching out for more from these guys. Check out their album Pyro which was released at the beginning of November.



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