Track of the Day – CHARLY BLISS – Ruby



Charly Bliss are a pretty cool indie band from Brooklyn, New York. They released their debut album Guppy in April this year, and ‘Ruby’ is one of the stand out tracks from this record. It reminds me of the ’90’s heyday of US alternative music where bands were fusing the musical aesthetics of grunge with nice pop melodies and an almost kitsch but very cool retro style. Although more of an ’80’s band I guess, they remind me a little bit of Transvision Vamp, although lead singer Eva Hendricks has more of a Tanya Donelly kind of vibe going, rather than that of Wendy James.

Judging by the video, they don’t take themselves too seriously. We don’t really get these low budget, Christian cable channels here in the UK, but from my imagination of what they must be like, I think they’ve probably nailed it.

Great song, weird video. You can’t really ask for much more than that.



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