Track of the Day: Stereotype – Audri

My track of the day today is from a talented young singer-songwriter, Audri, who started writing music when she was just eight years old.

“Stereotype” is a song with a powerful message supported by an excellent video.

In an age when there is so much pressure on young people to look and act a certain way, and where people are often judged by appearance, this song challenges those boundaries and definitions and champions the right to individual freedom. It’s a gorgeous retro-sounding track, a mellow pop song, and Audri’s voice is mesmerising.

Since its release earlier this month, the video has had over 20K views on Youtube!

Audri says:

“The music video ended up exactly as I’d envisioned. Everyone in it was so positive and authentic when they came on the set. It was empowering, and that message comes across so clearly in the final product.” ~ Audri, Seattle singer-songwriter


“Stereotype” is featured on Audri’s debut EP, available on iTunes:

Get the CD:

Audri has been busy writing lots of music and plans to go back to the studio to record some singles in the near future.

Follow Audri to keep up with all the news:






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