New videos & album details from JAIME PAIGE’S DARK UNIVERSE


Jaime Page’s album ‘Dark Universe’ was one of my favourite albums released last year. It’s a stunning work, and now there is more amazing music coming from Page and her band Dark Universe.


While ‘Dark Universe’ is no longer available for purchase, a new Director’s Cut of the music – remixed and remastered and including new artwork – will be released with new distribution this year. You can find out more details on the Dark Universe website. While the album has been delayed, it is now very near completion, according to a post on the band’s blog.

Dark Universe recently played a live showcase, and the review from 100% ROCK Magazine definitely whets my appetite for more: “This is prog rock at it finest…”

The band has also released some breathtaking videos for their music in recent weeks, including a live version of the track ‘Dark Universe’ that really shows the depth and fierceness of the band’s music. I’ve listened to the some of the tunes from the new album, and once again, this band just blows me away. I cannot wait to hear the new release.

Dark Universe is based in Perth, Australia, and the band members are:

  • Jaime Page
  • Donna Greene
  • Craig Skelton
  • Michael Burn

Dark Universe website / Facebook / Twitter / Reverbnation / Instagram

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